Bruciare Total Fitness Chair X100

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Bruciare Total Fitness Chair x100 Package:
  • Total Fitness Chair
  • 15 lb Resistance Bands
  • Exercise Mat
  • Exercise Ball (55cm)
  • One Set of Chair Springs
  • 7 Workout Programs
  • Stretch Strap
  • Fitness Chart
  • Short Side Handles
  • Programs directed by experienced certified professional instructors in the comfort of your home.
  • Strength training with spring resistance to simply increase or maintain strength.
  • Core training with simple activation of SpinSeat, targets abs, back and hips
  • FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: Combination of Spin Seat, Spring Resistance with chair features improves balance, coordination, power and endurance to improve performance activities of daily living

Bruciare meaning "fire, blaze, intensity", has been developed by sports figures, fitness experts and physical therapists to provide the best fitness training equipment on the market today. By the best, we mean, our product is designed incorporating modern exercise science and innovative manufacturing technologies. Bruciare Total Fitness Chair is high quality, commercial grade fitness equipment for your home or fitness center. The Bruciare Total Fitness Chair delivers exceptional results safely and effectively.

Our main feature of the Bruciare Total Fitness Chair is the patented Spin Seat. The Spin Seat was designed to provide unsteadiness to exercises resulting in a truly efficient fitness workout. By providing movement to the seat, the core (abdominal and back muscles) is immediately activated. By integrating the spin seat with resistance training for the lower and upper body, you train multiple muscle groups together focusing on your abs like no other equipment. The benefits of which you will burn more calories, make you stronger, more balanced and less prone to injury and create a streamlined body that moves with ease.

Main Benefits of the Spin Seat:

  • Two seat positions - long and short provide greater support, stability and dynamic exercise options.
  • Spin action targets your “core” abdominals allowing you to automatically activate and tighten your abs.
  • Spin action twists away inches from your waist.
  • Spin action increases flexibility through your core (torso).
  • Long seat position allows you to perform exercises combined with resistance that can typically only be done on a mat or ver expensive pilates equipment.
  • Exclusive Spin Seat combined with other Bruciare features delivers unique exercises that can only be done on the Bruciare Total Fitness Chair.

Includes: Total Fitness Chair x100, 15 lb resistance bands, exercise mat, exercise ball, one set of chair springs, 7 workout dvds, stretch strap, fitness chart, short side handles.

Price: $349.00

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Length: 28 inches
Width: 27.63 inches
Height: 22.69 inches



Length: 15.44 inches
Width: 20.38 inches
Height from Floor: 20.94 inches






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  • Spin Seat
  • Activates the Core
  • Develops stability and balance
  • Strengthens the abs
  • Trims the waistline
  • Provides two seat positions for greater support.
  • Upper Body Resistance Bands
  • Provides a complete integrated workout
  • Works the upper body with or without the lower body
  • Provides 3 levels of resistance
  • Enhances the Cardio program to burn more calories
  • Delivers unique Bruciare exercises with the Spin Seat
  • Split Pedal
  • Use your pedal as one or split it to move as two
  • Provides cardio workout
  • Trans legs independent of each other as well as arms (unilateral body work)
  • Delivers unique Bruciare exercises combined with the Spin Seat
  • Multiple Resistance Levels
  • The Bruciare Pilates Chair comes with 2 springs
  • Springs offer multiple resistance levels from very easy to extremely challenging
  • The resistance levels can also be used to support a beginner who needs assistance with exercises or challenge those who are advanced
  • Comfort Components
  • Flat pedal designed for foot sensitivity
  • Extra-foam seat
  • Extra wide/long seat for greater support